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SNEK crypto shooting to the moon in 2024?

  • SNEK crypto is primarily a deflationary token launched on the Cardano blockchain.
  • The SNEK crypto (SNEK) has begun the New Year on a bright note, rallying by 6.30%, according to CoinMarketCap.
  • Over the past 30 days, the token has already amassed gains of over 354.8%.

Meme coins have witnessed a fruitful 023. Tokens such as SNEK, Bonk, Dogecoin, etc., have set the market alight, raising hopes of another meme-coin bull run as we approach 2024. The SNEK crypto (SNEK) is one token that has begun the New Year on a bright note, rallying by 6.30%, according to CoinMarketCap.

SNEK crypto is primarily a deflationary token launched on the Cardano blockchain. Launched in February 2022, the SNEK crypto instantly became a mass crypto movement and an icon in the web3 world, representing fun and innovation.

As one of the most significant tokens to be launched on the Cardano platform, the SNEK crypto’s primary goal is to ensure that it can cash in on the popularity of meme coins and establish itself as one of the top meme-based cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the SNEK aims to become the leading currency for meme creators worldwide.

Why is SNEK crypto trending today?

The SNEK crypto has been rallying today on the news of its listing on the leading crypto exchange, BitMart Exchange. The listing, which happened on 29 December, catapulted the SNEK token to a massive rally. Interestingly, the listing and a couple more developments saw the token holders spiking by 39% in December alone. To add to the momentum, the SNEK game was made live on 30 December, creating much-needed momentum as 2024 arrives. The game was developed in partnership with Paima, Vacuum Labs, and Anvil and was inspired by the famous snake game on Nokia phones. It will be the first play-to-earn game in the SNEK ecosystem. Although the game creators have launched a desktop-only version, the team is working on creating a mobile version, which could be launched as early as January or February 2024.

As a result, in the past 30 days or so, the token has already amassed gains of over 354.8%, according to CoinGecko. In fact, if we were to look at the charts, the SNEK crypto has been projecting a bullish trend, with the RSI at 55.93. The token buyers are increasingly showing more interest in the token, with the momentum favouring the token. Although the MACD indicator showcases a downtrend, investors feel the recent development is poised to push the token to a price rally.

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How is SNEK crypto faring today?

The SNEK crypto on 2 January was trading at $0.001613 with a 24-hour trading volume of $34,95,262, according to CoinMarketCap. The 333-ranked token witnessed a live market cap of $11,80,99,609 and a circulating supply of 73,23,53,43,051 SNEK coins.

The market participants would hope the SNEK crypto can cash in on the positive market movements, but they would also do well to be wary of the market correction. Therefore, before making any investment decisions, the investors need to do proper market research before deciding to invest in digital assets.


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